The Farmobili most finest wood floor is old teak. Teak is one of the most beautiful and fine wood in the world. Its physical characteristics make it extremely durable: it’s immune from pests attack such as borers and termites, and it’s particulary stable to humidity changes. Farmobili sells Indonesian old teak hardwood floor. It’s a GREEN PRODUCT: to realize it, no tree is cut down. The parquet is completely made by recovered teak boards, used in the typical houses of Indonesia and Jawa Island.

We sell three kinds of teak wood floor: solid, pre-finished (three layers) in “prima patina” (first film), pre-finished not in “prima patina”. The pre-finished consists of a multi-ply, cross laid: top layer in old teak, bottom layers in fir. Our pre-finished teak floor is completely realized in Italy in a tradizional way. We call “prima patina” the wood floor made with the side of the teak stable which has been exposed to the air: in this way the floor preserves all his own charme.

Teak wood floor can be installed glued or floating.

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